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Property development is a lucrative industry. As with all financial ventures, property development presents its own challenges, laws and regulations. We offer advice to clients who are developing real estate of varying sizes and conditions. If you are in the process of developing residential or commercial property Burgess Thomson can guide you through the necessary legal procedures.

Whether you are buying an existing property for renovation or buying land to build upon, it is advised to seek the support of a legal team. When developing housing estates or medium to large scale businesses, planning consent for construction is required. Burgess Thomson can assist their clients throughout the entire development approval process.

In the event of a dispute in the property development process, having a legal consultant or team to mediate and document the proceedings will ensure the resolution of the matter.

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What kind of regulations and restrictions could hinder the development process?

Depending on where you are planning to develop your property, there will be a locally governed planning scheme in place. This scheme sets limits on the type and use of your development in relation to the location.

What is a property developer/joint venture agreement?

A property development agreement or joint venture agreement is an important document involving all parties in the development project. The purpose of this document is to outline the obligations of the parties involved and detail the necessary procedures in the event of a dispute or issue.


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