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Navigating the legalities of mortgages can be overwhelming. Luckily, Burgess Thomson is here to help you through every step of the journey. With profound expertise in mortgages and a deep understanding of finance intricacies, we offer meticulous services to protect your interests whether you are borrowing, repaying, or lending money. Whether it’s residential or commercial lending, we help ensure that your interests are protected.

We can assist with drafting and advising on finance and loan documents, general security and guarantee documents, mortgages, caveats, loan agreements, vendor finance agreements and independent legal advice on personal guarantee documents for guarantors.

Our Services: Residential and Commercial Mortgages and Loans

Our adept team specialises in a broad spectrum of mortgage services, ensuring each client receives comprehensive, tailored advice and support. Our services include:

Drafting and Advising

  • Preparation and advice on loan agreements, mortgage documents, and guarantee documents
  • Proficient counsel on finance and loan documents, general security, and guarantee documents
  • Independent legal advice on personal guarantee documents for guarantors

Mortgage Documentation and Certificates

  • Witnessing mortgage documents and providing solicitor’s certificates of independent legal advice
  • Documentation of loans within families and preparation of vendor finance agreements

Liaison and Settlements

  • Effective communication with financial institutions regarding mortgages, discharges, and refinances
  • Arranging and attending mortgage settlements on PEXA

Discharge and Caveats

  • Assistance in discharging paid-out mortgages
  • Expert handling of caveats, general security agreements, and PPSR registrations


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Comprehensive Solutions for Various Mortgage Needs

Whether you’re navigating a commercial or a residential mortgage, our seasoned team ensures every detail is addressed, from mortgage documents to intricate loan agreements.

Commercial Mortgages

  • Navigate the complexities of commercial lending with expert advice and thorough document preparation
  • Secure your interests in commercial transactions through diligent liaison with mortgage lenders

Residential Mortgages

  • Receive bespoke solutions for residential lending, guaranteeing a smooth and secure process
  • Benefit from our extensive experience in residential mortgage documentation and settlements

Newcastle Mortgage and Financing Expertise

As recognised experts in financing documentation for Newcastle conveyancing, we bring unrivalled proficiency and local insight to secure your interests and facilitate seamless transactions, contributing to a stress-free mortgage experience.

We offer security for guarantors, providing unequivocal legal advice and ensuring the transparency and fairness of guarantor mortgage agreements and other loan documents.

Burgess Thomson delivers unparalleled service and expertise in mortgages, making your journey in acquiring or managing a mortgage loan seamless and secure. Whether it’s a discharge mortgage or a vendor finance agreement, let’s navigate the intricate paths of mortgage landscapes together.

Feel free to reach out and learn how our astute lawyers in Newcastle can assist you in unlocking the doors to your aspirations through comprehensive and reliable mortgage services.

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