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There are several reasons why you may choose to transfer or gift your property.   

For instance, you may be a parent wanting to gift a property to your children who may not be able to afford a new home themselves. Or you may want to ensure the property stays within the family after you’ve passed away.

Knowing the proper way to transfer property within your family, and how to minimise the transfer duty and capital gains tax consequences of the transfer is essential when thinking about any kind of property transfer so it pays to get the right legal advice.

We can assist with property transfers as a result of a family law property settlement, and transfers of a business property to a self managed superannuation fund.

For deceased estates, we also assist with preparation of a Transmission Application or a Notice of Death to transfer a property from the deceased’s name to the executors or beneficiaries.

For married couples that may wish to transfer a principal place of residence from one spouses name into joint names, we can assist with applying for the transfer duty exemptions available for this.

We can also assist with changing the tenancy of a property from joint tenants to tenants in common, or vice versa, which can assist with estate planning objectives.

Property transfers are generally completed via an electronic workspace known as PEXA, which enables the transfer documents to be electronically lodged with Land Registry Services NSW.

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We’re With You Every Step Of The Way

Legal Advice

We will provide you with sound advice throughout the entire process.

Due Diligence

We can organise inspections of the property or order other reports such as valuations for transfer duty that may be required.


We will liaise with banks, lenders and mortgage brokers on your behalf.

Legal Paperwork

We will prepare the legal paperwork and help you submit any required applications. We will advise on how much (if any) transfer duty there is to pay and assist with obtaining any transfer duty exemptions if available.

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