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When you decide to venture into selling property in Newcastle, Burgess Thomson is your trusted partner, guiding you through each step with legal expertise and personalised attention.

Once you’ve made the decision to sell your property, one of the first tasks is to have the Contract For Sale drawn up. Your real estate agent will require the Contract of Sale to commence marketing the property. Our contracts are always drafted to protect your best interests as the vendor, and encompass special conditions that ensure your legal rights are protected.

As specialist conveyancing solicitors, we can ensure that the Contract for Sale is meticulously drawn up and your best interests and legal rights are uncompromisingly protected.

Contracts of Sale Crafted with Precision and Care

At Burgess Thomson, each contract is crafted with unparalleled precision and care, aimed at protecting your interests as the vendor. Our contracts feature:

  • Special Conditions: Incorporating conditions that safeguard your legal rights and interests.
  • Vendor Protection: Ensuring your position as the vendor is legally secure throughout the transaction.
  • Tailored Advice: Offering legal counsel that is customised to the specifics of your situation and property.

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Why Choose Burgess Thomson as Your Property Sale Lawyer?

Embark on your property selling journey with the seasoned experts at Burgess Thomson. Our team is ready to help you navigate the multifaceted world of property sales, ensuring every step is legally sound and aligns with your best interests. Contact us to experience the synergy of legal acumen and personalised service that distinguishes Burgess Thomson in the realm of property sales legal advice in Newcastle.

Aligning with Burgess Thomson means choosing a property sale lawyer who is relentless in protecting your interests and rights. Our approach is centred around your needs, delivering:

  • Sound Legal Advice: Accurate, relevant legal advice from our licensed conveyancers and solicitors.
  • Strategic Guidance: Comprehensive support and strategic advice from the commencement to the conclusion of the sale process.
  • Vendor-Centric Approach: Contracts and conditions that are meticulously designed to protect you as the vendor.

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The Contract For Sale

The contract will specify the legal terms and conditions of sale, what items are included or excluded from the sale, and any other special requirements; you might like to have a longer or shorter settlement date than usual, or perhaps that the contract be conditional upon another contract for you to buy your next property.  There are a lot of ways that a contract can be varied, so it’s important to discuss your situation in detail with us.

You also need to know your disclosure responsibilities, as failing to disclose certain things can give purchasers rights to pull out of the contract.

The Deposit

Once a purchaser has been found and the contract has been signed and is legally binding, then a deposit is usually paid by the purchaser and is usually held in the trust account of the selling agent.


Settlement (the day that the money is exchanged for the property and keys handed over) is scheduled in accordance with the contract, and is usually 4 weeks after exchanging contracts.  During the wait for settlement your lawyer/conveyancer will liaise with your bank in relation to releasing any mortgage held on the property.  During this time, you should arrange disconnection of electricity, gas, telephone, NBN and any other services like Foxtel.

Before settlement the purchase price will be adjusted to reflect the council rates, water rates and strata fees that need to be apportioned between the parties. There may be other adjustments, based on the Contract for Sale.

Settlement will take place via an electronic platform called PEXA, where the funds are transferred between the parties and the documents for the transfer of title are electronically lodged at Land Registry Services NSW.

Once settlement takes place, the real estate agent will be authorised to release the keys to the purchaser and the deposit to you, less their marketing expenses and commission.

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