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When there are multiple parties involved in a legal matter it is important to seek independent legal advice. An individual involved in any matter should seek legal advice separate to others involved. In order for your document to be enforceable in court, it should be accompanied by a signed certificate authenticating that independent legal advice has been provided. Burgess Thomson are happy to provide independent advice to their clients when needed in a legal matter.


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Who should seek independent legal advice?          

Any individual entering into a legal agreement or signing a contract should seek independent legal advice. It is important for the individual to have a clear understanding of the document and conditions in which they are involved. A lawyer is able to provide the client an objective review of the document and ensure that they have not been pressured into signing anything without sound understanding.

What is involved in getting independent legal advice?

When providing legal advice, your solicitor will need to read through all documents in question and meet with you to discuss your reasons for entering into the agreement. If you are then satisfied with the conditions of the document you are required to sign a statutory declaration that states you have received independent legal advice. All matters discussed and your statutory declaration is kept on record for future reference.

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