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The Personal Properties Security Register (PPSR) is a national electronic log of registered security interests in personal property. “Personal property includes moveable and physical goods such as motor vehicles, equipment, art and non-physical property such as intellectual property and company shares.

The PPSR gives the owner of personal property the ability to manage the financial risks involved with extending credit or providing goods to another party. Registering an interest in personal property on the PPSR reduces the risk of losing ownership. PPSR can also be used to register a charge over someone else’s personal property. This means that you can declare an interest or right over personal property related to a debt or obligation the owner of the property owes you. The PPSR can also be used to check to see if someone else has a registered interest over personal property that you wish to buy or lease. Sometimes this can be the Plant and Equipment of a business you are purchasing. You may also wish to conduct a PPSR search on an individual as a means of checking their financial history.

It is important for a business or individual to understand and comply with how the PPSR applies to the way business is carried out. Our team at Burgess Thomson can assist in the process of registering an interest on the PPSR. We can offer advice on your rights in relation to personal property security. We can also offer advice and represent you in the event of a dispute involving the PPSR. We can also conduct PPSR searches on your behalf if you wish check the history of someone who you wish to enter an agreement with.


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What is the minimum value of an interest for it to be registered?

When registering with the PPSR there is no minimum value of an interest or property item. Anything of value to the individual or business can be registered with the PPSR.

What charges will apply when registering with PPSR?

When registering on the PPSR a fee does apply. This can vary depending on each individual circumstance. Our team can assist in the entire process to ensure you are paying only what is necessary and are not incurring any additional fees.

What can be registered or searched for on the PPSR?

Personal property is property other than land and may include cars, boats, aircraft, furniture and intellectual property.

What happens when there are competing interests in the property?

An example of when competing interests in personal property may arise is when someone owes a debt to multiple lenders and both lenders which to claim an asset of the debtors to recover the debt. If there are two or more competing interests, an interest in registered on the PPSR will take priority over an unregistered one when multiple interests have been registered on the PPSR.

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